Dr. Vijai S Shankar


Dr Vijai S Shankar was born in the late 1940’s. He was educated at St. Bede’s High School, Loyola College in Chennai, J.N. Medical College, Belgaum, in India. He practised medicine in Kano, Nigeria, West Africa for five years. He later travelled to England where his research into cellular and molecular sciences earned him a PhD summa cum laude at St.George’s Medical School, Tooting, London. He later crossed the Atlantic to continue his research in U.T.M.B.Galveston, Texas, USA.

During this period, clarity to his awakening of the understanding of mind deepened and this changed the direction of his life. His scientific work in research gave way to a scientific approach in understanding life and mind, which he shared with all those who were drawn to him.

Author Dr. Vijai S Shankar